CAME-TV Waero Duplex Wireless Headset

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The master WAERO Wireless Duplex Headset from CAME-TV is a component of the duplex (2-way) communication WAERO system.
This master unit can be paired with up to three slave units for a total of four headsets or when used with a hub,
up to eight slave units, and a hub-linked headset to create a 10-headset system.
This component is powered by a replaceable battery in the headset itself, eliminating the need for a bulky, clip-on battery pack.

The only buttons on the headset are for volume and power; to talk, simply swivel the mic boom down to speak and swivel it up to mute.
Designed for video production, sports, and events, the WAERO Headset includes one NB-6L type battery and folds for storage.

Standard DECT technology, GAP compatible
Range 1200ft (366 Meters) open space
Talk Time 12-15 Hours;
Channel Bandwidth 1.728MHz
Modulation Type GFSK
Transmission Speed 1.152 Mbps
Duplex Operation Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Speech Coding ADPCM transcoder supports up to 8 duplex 32kbs channels, fully compliant with ITU G.726
Frequency Bands 1.78-1.93G

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